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Imagen de MP3Dancer
Approval level: 57%
Insertion Date: 2002-12-07
Downloads this week: 1.047
Times recommended: 12
Category: Music and Audio
SubCategory: Misc. Music & Audio
Type: Freeware
Size: 1.858kb.
Language: Program in English or Multilanguage   

"Small dancing figures that dance to the rhythm of the music you play on your computer."

If you are at work and want a little diversion, you often install a screensaver that shows nice relaxing images. Alternatively many people listen to music during their breaks to relax. So how about combining the two? How about playing some music then watching as a gorgeous girl walks across your screen and starts dancing to that music? Sound good? if so, then what you need is a program like this one, called MP3Dancer. As your vivid imagination can clearly gather at this point, MP3Dancer is small real professional dancing figures that dance to the rhythm of the music you play on your computer, from wherever you want (CD or MP3 player) on your computer desktop.

MP3Dancer is basically a screensaver where you can see lovely girls with not much on dancing on your desktop while you play your favourite tunes. They will also dance to the rhythm of your music. The dancers are all real professional dancers, and they move with skill and agility which will make you feel like your screen has turned into a nightclub.

There is also a pay version of MP3Dancer that includes more and larger-sized dancers.

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